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Jewish Day Schools in Toronto
There are a number of Hebrew schools in Toronto. If you have children aged 4-13, it can be difficult determining the best Hebrew school in which to enroll your child. It pays to do as much research as possible when your child is two to three years old to find the best Hebrew school able to teach your child the Jewish values that are important to you.
Private Jewish day schools in Toronto typically offer programs for students from junior kindergarten to grade eight. There are a number of these schools that offer unique programs designed to educate students based on a general curriculum integrated with the fundamentals of Judaism. It is important to figure out what advantages each school offers over the competition and make the best choice for your child.
The choice of Jewish day school is one of the most influential aspects of your child's academic and spiritual development that you will make. These schools often form the foundation for a lifelong continuation of Jewish learning; the best schools consistently form the most solid Jewish foundations in students.
Location is Vital
Location will always be very important criteria when considering a Hebrew school in Toronto. The best private Jewish day schools have locations within walking distance of traditional predominantly Jewish neighbourhoods in Toronto.
A Jewish day school located close to home is an incredible convenience for many families. It makes it easier for the parents to ensure their child gets to school safely and it makes it easier for students to stay after school to participate in various activities that are offered.
Creativity and Healthy Lifestyle Programs
The arts have always been a major component of Judaism and the best Hebrew schools will have a strong arts program. These arts programs are essential to promoting creativity in students and helping them realize their relationship to the world by providing a means of self-expression. The various disciplines that make up the arts should all be strongly represented at the school, including the following:
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Multimedia
  • Visual Arts
A dedication to physical activity should also be evident at the school. Students who are physically active tend to be happier, healthier and fitter. The school should provide a good activity program as well as access to various intramural sports.
The best Jewish day schools not only offer these different types of programs to their students, but they also have state-of-the-art facilities available as well.
The Importance of Critical Thinking
Most schools are just now realizing the importance of critical thinking when it comes to learning new things. Some of the best Hebrew schools in Toronto have already recognized how much of a skill critical thinking is when it comes to being able to apply the general and Judaic knowledge they possess to new situations.
Choosing a school that encourages students to think critically and solve problems creatively will give your child an advantage when it comes to pursuing careers and understanding what it means to live a Jewish life.
When it comes to finding the best schooling option for your child, take the time and discover the best Hebrew school in Toronto suited to your family's unique needs.
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